Update on Sidney's famous Red-tailed Hawk!

The Hawk is looking fantastic and is about to completely fledge any day now. Red-tailed Hawks usually fledge the nest around 6 1/2 weeks. The Hawk is making good flights but still returning to the nest. The 3 Eaglet siblings are branching and should fledge in 2 weeks.

The Hawk is not out of the woods yet. He will have to be fed by the eagle for at least 6 weeks until he starts to catch his own prey. Red-tailed Hawks are not completely independent from their parents until 4 months of age.

You can see a beautiful photo of him taken by Terry Venables today HERE

In case anyone missed the recent story a few days ago I posted here is is again HERE. Two Red-tailed Hawks were found in the nest one died either by starvation or from the adult eagle. This lucky Hawk survived. The theory that he was carried to the nest as prey is challenged here as if he was carried he would be dead from the Eagle's talons piercing through his body. The new theory is that a Red-tailed Hawk laid 2 eggs in the nest... but that seems far fetched as it has been an active Eagle nest for many years. Only the Eagle and the Hawk will ever truly know for sure...

This fascinating story continues...


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