Steve Cannings a BC Naturalist we should be thankful for

The Penticton Herald published an article today on the late Steve Cannings. Steve Cannings is the father of well known biologist, author and MP Richard Cannings. He is also the grandfather to my friend, naturalist Russell Cannings.

This article is well worth a read as it depicts Steve's incredible and varied life and all the things he did in the Okanagan and the province of BC to preserve nature and the birds we love. If it weren't for him several of the birding spots we visit may not even exist or be urban developments. He had the foresight to see an plan ahead and protect this valuable area for all future generations to enjoy.

His love of nature and birds was passed down to his children and grandchildren continuing his legacy.

To read the article please click HERE


  1. Mel he sounds like a really special person. I was not aware of all his accomplishments. I can't believe it is he who founded cathedral provincial park! how cool is that? we take too much for granted. I wish more people today would have the same foresight!


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