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Guiding a Bird Tour to NFLD and visiting NS

Atlantic Puffin carrying dandelions for its nest at the colony at Elliston, NFLD - Photo I  guided a sold out bird tour of a group of 10 people to Newfoundland this June with   Avocet Tours . The tour began on June 11th and I left a few days early to scout. I have always wanted to go to this beautiful province. My mom really wanted to go there to see the puffins and landscape and we were planning to make a trip but she got too sick to go. We had hoped we would go after she recovered but sadly that didn't happen. I definitely carried her with me during the trip. When we landed it was cold only 1C! The next morning it warmed up and was sunny and in the teens. We went straight to see the Pink-footed Goose! I had seen 2 before in Victoria but they had been distant scope views. Seeing one like this up close and so tame was a real treat. They are quite subtly beautiful. Pink-footed Goose in St. John's Newfoundland - Photo: Melissa Hafting After that we went to Mun Botanical Gardens t