Updated* - Young Birder interview I did with Maclean's Magazine is out.

I did an interview about Young Birders for Maclean's magazine recently and it was published online today. The print article will be published in their September 2017 issue. Maclean's Magazine is a national well recognized current affairs and news magazine that has been running since 1905. I was honoured to be asked to do an interview for them.

We discussed the Young Birder Field Program that I started and continue to lead under the British Columbia Field Ornithologists Association (BCFO).

They used a photo of a Gray Jay at Seymour by Ian Harland. Ian is a 16 year old young birder from North Vancouver who is currently in my program. The photo they used was also used by a Canadian Geographic magazine in a feature on Canada's proposed national bird.

To read the full article please click HERE.

News 1130am tweeted about it as did Maclean's Magazine which was cool! Nice to see so much interest in youth birding.


  1. Great article, I had no idea birding has become so huge with the young'uns.

    1. Thank you kindly show was an honour to talk to them and promote birding with young birders

  2. mel i am thoroughly enjoying your new blog. after you left birding in bc there was a real void there it pretty much died. you are a treasure in the birding community for all you do for the youth and for us old farts! congratulations on getting an interview in macleans you really promote and inspire us all to bird more and respect nature.

  3. Congratulations! Great article look forward to reading it in print!

  4. loved it mel. good for you for spreading the word in youth and all ages.


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