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Installation of my new Purple Martin Colony in Richmond! Plus Tree Swallow Heat Shield Update

You may remember my recent post, where I talked about the new heat shields for Tree Swallows and the new Purple Martin colony I am starting. If not, you can read the back story HERE . Thanks to the City of Richmond, Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Environment and Climate Change Canada, we have installed the Purple Martin nest boxes on Federal Lands off Garry Point Park in Richmond on March 26th, 2023. It took me three years to get all the necessary approvals and permits from the federal government, Richmond city council and port authority. It felt really rewarding to finally get these boxes up for the birds. With the only other colony in Richmond virtually collapsed at Iona, we really hope this one will work. We put metal baffles on to prevent mink and other land predators from climbing up the poles to get to the birds. The pole in the water did not have a baffle of course. As we were installing them we had Tree and Violet Green Swallows chirping overhead. It will be so nice to