A New Era For BC Young Birders

A New Era for Young Birders in BC
We are all getting older and so are the young birders. I founded the young birder field programin 2014. I saw all these young birders that were birding alone locally in Metro Vancouver and wanted to bring them together. The program took off with a bang. It attracted many youth and we started taking field trips in the city and outside of it. The goal was to show the youth birds they don't normally get a chance to see at home. I wanted to show them as much of BC and its birds as possible. We were quite successful at this.  

In 2016, British Columbia Field Ornithologists aka BCFO (through George Clulow and Carlo Giovanella) asked me to bring my program and run it under their organization. I happily did so.  We would combine the young birder award program they designed with my field trip program.This worked very well. They helped subsidize the gas and car rental fees by 20%. I used to pay it all out of my own pocket before BCFO helped me. So I was very …

Young Birder Toby reflects on her unforgettable time in Nunavut!

BC Young Birder Toby Theriault from Tofino won a $14,000 scholarship this past July for Students on Ice - 2019 Arctic Expedition. This is a scholarship that allows and brings together 130 young naturalists from around the world to go to Nunavut for 16 days, to explore nature and learn about the Inuit culture. They also learnt a lot about the effects of climate change on this fragile landscape  and why the area needs to be conserved. Read more about Students on Ice HERE

The application deadline for students wanting to go in 2020 is November 30, 2019.

Toby had an amazing experience she saw a rare Ivory Gull, Walruses and Polar Bears. She got to connect with other youth and learn about the Inuit culture. In this photo you can see her getting ready to explore the glacier at Sirmilik National Park.

You can see a photo of the Ivory Gull they saw at Maxwell Bay HERE

You can see a photo of the Polar Bears they sawHERE

You can see a photo of her and some other students with sled dog puppies HERE

As …


There is just one spot left for the June Nome 2020 birding and photography tour!

If you are interested please sign up as soon as possible

The trip runs June 6-13, 2020. Ilya Povalyaev will be the second guide.

All details with full itinerary and species list plus how to book are HERE

Email me at or Chris Charlesworth at with any questions!

You can read my trip report from 2017 HERE

There are very few places in the world where you can get so close to breeding pelagic and shorebirds like this. Plus there are birds you don't see easily in the mainland ABA such as Eastern Yellow Wagtail, Arctic Warbler, White Wagtail and Bristle-thighed Curlew.

Also the possibilities of rarities are endless think White-tailed Eagle, Pied Wheatear, Ross's and Ivory Gull and Spectacled Eider just to name a few!

We have only 1 spot left!

Hope to see you in Nome!

New Audubon Report says: Birds are telling us to take action on Climate Change Now

The Audubon Society has just released a new Climate Change report called "Survival by Degrees: 389 Bird Species on the Brink". Two-thirds of North American birds are facing extinction due to global temperature rise the report states.

You can read the new full report in PDF format HERE

You can also read the peer reviewed scientific studies they used HERE and HERE

As Audubon puts on instagram "IT'S TIME TO GIVE A FLOCK!"

The common birds below are just a few of many being affected by climate change:

Come To The Christmas Bird Count For Youth - Dec 29th !

The Christmas Bird Count For Young Birders aged 12-18 is happening on Dec 29th!.

Please register HERE at our website and meet me on the dyke at the foot of 72nd St at Boundary Bay at 8 am.

FULL details are HERE.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Another Owl Dies in Vancouver from Rat Poison

You may remember my previous posts on this topic.

See my previous posts on the topic.

It's frustrating how many I've done and it's still the same old story.

Well sadly as expected another Owl has died of ingesting Rat Poison and this is just one I've heard about. Many have sadly continued to die since my owl posts.

The city of Richmond for example and other municipalities like it, give out free Rat Poison in bait boxes to all residents suffering with rodent problems.

The boxes are deemed safe because raccoons and pets can't get into the Poison but the rats and mice…

An incredible encounter with Hooded Mergansers

It was nice to get out and do some birding today in the fall sunshine. I went out today with the intention of a photography day.

I ended up finding 12 Hooded Mergansers and 5 males were out displaying. It seemed early to be displaying since it is not the breeding season. However, I know ducks seem to be constantly amorous.

Usually Hoodies are very skittish but these guys were so in the groove they didn't notice my presence. I lay down on the bank and watched the show. 

The fall leaves lit up the water making it a golden colored pond. They really are handsome drakes! I've never got a decent photo of the male of this species so I was quite thrilled.