Has the mystery of the famous Sidney Red-tailed Hawk been solved?

Raptor experts David Hancock and David Bird sit down for their perspective on the issue. They believe it was brought to the nest with its sibling as live prey and they had a change of heart. David Hancock answers the question I had which was "how can they can carry a Red-tailed Hawk chick with those mighty talons and not maim or kill the chicks?." You can see the answer at the link below. It is very interesting to know that this hawklet is imprinted on the Bald Eagles and thinks he is an Eagle. I hope he doesn't try to mate with one because that will not end well as they explain. David Hancock unfortunately thinks it will be killed by a Bald Eagle or will starve to death; since it doesn't know how to hunt like a Red-tailed Hawk. They also believe the bird is a male. You can see the full interview below:

By the way, this is not the first time a Red-tailed Hawk has been found in an Eagle's Nest. Miles Brown found one in Michigan in 2011, when he was banding Bald Eagles. You can see that footage below:

Miles Brown believes that in the nest he found a Red-tailed Hawk laid an egg in the Eagle's nest in a case of parasitism. This is the same theory as to what biologist Kerry Finley is currently suggesting with the Sidney Hawk. These theories are dismissed by David Hancock and David Bird and they explain why at the video link above.

*By the way, the Hawklet's Eagle Siblings have now fledged and a news story aired yesterday on Global News. You can see that video HERE.


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