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Shooting American Robins and Tourism Richmond and BC Bird Trail Features

I haven't been out birding properly since Nov 7th. I haven't photographed a bird since Oct 31st. I finally felt like picking up a camera again today. My target today was American Robins. A common underrated bird that so many of us (including myself) sometimes take for granted. There were large flocks feeding on crabapples today at Garry Point Park. I was there today looking at the late Yellow Warbler that my friend Alan Moat found yesterday. Winter listers will be out on Dec 1st for this bird I can assure you. I saw it and went for my Robins. It was because I was so busy shooting American Robins that I missed the Townsend's Solitaire that briefly came in for a gander and who then immediately took off in less than a minute. Here are a few fruits of my labour. They are the best shots I've taken of this species and the male was really accommodating. I find in the winter that American Robins are at their most beautiful with their fine breast scaling etc. Note the male with


UPDATE: DUE TO PROVINCIAL HEALTH ORDERS BEING EXTENDED UNTIL JAN 8TH, 2021 I HAD TO CANEL THIS EVENT.  I am running the Christmas Bird Count For Youth (CBC4Youth) on Jan 3, 2020! If you are able to join us please register at the Eventbrite website HERE This event is open for youth age 12-18 years old. We will meet  at 9 am   on the dyke at the foot of 72nd St at Boundary Bay in Delta.  I am looking forward to seeing you all!. Masks are mandatory and if we go into lockdown due to an increase in COVID-19 cases, I will cancel the event. Young Birders at the Christmas Bird Count For Youth in Delta - Photo: Melissa Hafting

The District of West Vancouver and the City of New West bans rodenticides!

Tonight on the 6pm news, Global News did a segment on Owls and rodenticide poisoning . Rob Hope from OWL is constantly trying to bring awareness and explain why a province wide ban is necessary. You can watch the video HERE On Vancouver Island a Short-eared and Great Horned Owl were recently found dead, most likely from rodenticides. You can watch a CTV news clip on that HERE . Also a Barn Owl was found dead not long ago at Iona again most likely from rodenticide poisoning. Tests results have come in from a Barn Owl found at Hasting Race course with the cause of death proven to be rodenticide poisoning. Metro Vancouver Parks is not using rodenticides in their parks but do permit businesses who lease the land from them like the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation and Vancouver Aquarium to use it. Time for this to change and to eradicate this ridiculous loophole. It is time for a city-wide ban in Vancouver and a full province-wide ban.  On a happy note, yesterday the District of West Vanco


I have wanted to see a Prairie Warbler forever. When Ilya and I went to Texas we dipped on them as we were a tad early before they got back to their breeding grounds. I think they are one stunning warbler and was pretty disappointed we didn't get one. So when I heard that one had showed up in Vernon (BC'S 5th confirmed record), I took my first chance on Friday and drove up. F riends Larry Cowan and Janice White wanted to join.  The highway was clear on the drive, we only had a little bit of snow falling on the connector. We got there at 4pm due to my commitments and looked hard for 2 hours in the rain until dark. We found a Black-capped Chickadee flock, Ring-necked Pheasant, and a late Cassin's Vireo that Chris Siddle had found a few days prior. It is the latest Cassin's Vireo that I've ever seen in BC. It was very active and seemed to follow us throughout the park. I found a great hotel the Rivera Plaza Hotel . It was on special for 49$ a night; which if in Vancouv