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My trip to The Blue Mountains of Washington

I've always wanted to see some Green-tailed Towhees in the Blue Mountains, which is an area of WA I've never been to before. I'm sure glad I went as it was beautiful!!!   So since I'm driving so far might as well stop at a few places before hitting your main goal right? Well I went to a special spot between Ellensburg and Selah for White-headed woodpeckers and got a lovely male!!  Also at this spot I found a Gray flycatcher and two Roosevelt Elk staring at me. In the night, 10pm, I had 3 common poorwill on a dirt road called Oak Creek nearby in Naches as well! In the daytime it was loaded with 6 Lewis' Woodpeckers by the way :). Getting back to the Blue Mountains....  Some of the roads are pretty terrible to find the towhees but the views are stunning and the fields of garbanzo bean crops colours are beautiful. The area is full of wild turkeys, catbirds, CORDILLERAN flycatchers (only place to get them in WA just like the Green-tailed Towhees), yellow