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The RED-BACKED SHRIKE Twitch To Powell River!

On Friday my friend Iwan Van Veen sent me a photo of a blurry Asian shrike. I could tell right away it was an Asian shrike and I thought due to range most likely it would be Brown. He had first thought on Thursday when he first saw the bird that it was a Northern Shrike but something bugged him about the bird so he went back and got the photo. Once he saw it more clear he figured he probably had a Brown Shrike too. Well because the photo was blurry I said we can’t rule out the other Asian shrikes like Red-backed, Isabelline and Red-tailed and could you go back and get better photos. Well he did that same day. He got every angle of the bird covered which would be needed for expert opinions. I studied up reading this amazing article by Dutch Birding and after consulting with a few others thought "oh my gosh this looks better for Red-backed"as so many features were lining up!. Since I had never seen Red-backed Shrike and it would be the first record for Canada and the second fo

The National Audubon Society Will Be Featuring My Work Oct 5-11th! Plus Vancouver Bird Week reaches out to marginalized birders.

The National Audubon Society has asked me to take over their Instagram account for a week starting Oct 5th and have asked me to share my work with their almost 590,000 followers. They told me they were impressed by the quality of my photographs, my passion and my advocacy for conservation. Two of my photos a day will be posted from Oct 5th until Oct 11th . This is a true honour and if you would like to follow along and see what images I will post under my Instagram takeover. Please follow the National Audubon Society's Instagram account @audubonsociety.  If you don't have an Instagram account you can still see the twice a day posts that will feature my work by clicking this link HERE Thank you once again to the National Audubon Society for featuring my photographic work in this manner. I am truly humbled and honoured. To learn more about the work of the National Audubon Society and how they help preserve birds and their habitat in the Americas, please click here . Plus if you