Update on the most famous Red-tailed Hawk from Sidney

Well all the predictions from the experts that worried that the Hawk would die from starvation did not come true. The experts said he thought he was imprinted on Bald Eagles and would likely attempt to mate with an eagle and be killed by one and only act like a bald eagle by eating only fish are thankfully disproved! National Geographic came out with a video on the hawk today saying the old news that he is still acting like an Eagle. You can watch that video below. This is great news for the little Hawk who is proving to us all just how much of a survivor he is. He is hunting rodents now and no longer only eating fish. He has travelled 1mile away from the nest now that the Eaglets have fledged and the Bald Eagle adults have left. The Eaglets were really harrassing him apparently before they fledged. It has been just over a month since the hawk fledged from the Sidney nest.  It seems clear now that this little Hawk thinks he is a Red-tailed Hawk and not a Bald Eagle. This is the best news any of us could hope to hear. It seems that this story will likely have a happy ending after all and not all the doom and gloom preached by the media. Biologist Kerry Finley seems to have been right about this bird all along. A documentary movie is apparently in the works for this famous hawk as well. He's a bonafide star!



  1. So happy to hear this Red-tailed hawk is doing well. Sometime experts are not always right.

  2. What a great turn in the story. So happy to hear that the hawk is surviving and acting like a hawk! Look forward to the documentary

  3. Thank you both for the kind comments. It is great it has worked out well for the little hawk.


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