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Badgers and Great Gray Owls Oh My!

We took a trip up to the interior of BC and had an incredible weekend. We inadvertently found an American Badger den and also a Great Gray Owl nest. We found Grasshopper Sparrows, Clay-coloured, Lark Sparrows, Lazuli Buntings, Williamson's and Red-naped Sapsuckers, Ruddy Ducks, Cinnamon and Blue-winged Teals, Lewis's Woodpeckers, Common Mergansers with chicks, Barrow's Goldeneyes, Clark's Nutcrackers, Burrowing Owls, Swainson's Hawks, Dusky, Olive-sided, Willow and Hammond's Flycatcher and many more birds. We photographed many Eared, Pied-billed and Red-necked Grebes who were either on the nest or had babies. Days like this are ones you can only dream of and it was nice to experience such a magical weekend. We even bumped into our good friend Guy Monty while viewing some Lewis's Woodpecker while he was on his way to Valemount. The highlight of the trip for me was definitely seeing the American Badgers because they are endangered in BC  with less than 35

Why Young Birders Matter!

This NY Timss article talks about why Young Birders are making the birding world a better place. It emphasizes the role young urban birders are playing as well. To read the full article click HERE Thanks to George Clulow for sending it to me.

No more White-collared Seedeaters! Say what?!

I just got my lifer White-collared Seedeater in Texas in April 2017 and in just over a year I have lost it from my life list! If you read my blog post from my trip report , I almost got arrested for it!. So this is highly disappointing! LOL. Well I am being slightly over-dramatic...The bird is actually just getting a name change. The species is being split into Cinnamon-rumped Seedeater and Morelet’s Seedeater. The bird I saw in Laredo, Texas is the Morelet's Seedeater . Frankly, I like the name White-collared Seedeater better. Moving on.. as I've said in a previous post on here the new English name for the Gray Jay is now Canada Jay. It doesn't affect me much, as I'll be continuing to call it Whisky Jack! However, I do admit I liked the name Gray Jay over Canada Jay better but really I don't care too much. Whatever name that cute bird has I'll love it regardless. To read the full list of changes to the 2018 AOS Supplement, click HERE Canada Jay/Gr

Bird #420 - HERMIT WARBLER in Courtenay

I went with my friend Peter Candido and Mike Toochin to twitch a pure Hermit Warbler that was found by Lori Smith in Courtenay. This was the second Hermit Warbler I twitched on Vancouver Island the first turned out to be a hybrid as per experts who study the species. That bird had a green back, however this bird showed no signs of hybridism and off we went. In person the bird was so beautiful they are one of my fave warblers. This male was singing and the kind lady who found it was there so excited over her great find. She was very sweet she also found a Veery a year ago on the island and has produced a tape that Ian Cruickshank verified. She should go buy a lottery ticket. Anyways, when we got to the spot on Mt. Washington we saw 10 others there Ed Jordan from Quadra Island, Mark Wynja and Dave Baird from Parksville, plus Michael Bentley, Val George and Rick Hardy from Victoria just to name a few. They had just seen the bird and it took about 10 mins for it to fly in front of us. I

Come out to my talk at the Manning Park Bird Blitz - June 15th

I am honoured to be speaking at the Manning Park Bird Blitz at 8pm on Friday June 15, 2018. I'll be speaking about the Birds of the Boreal Forest and the many threats they are facing in 2018. On Sat June 16-2018, Sharon Mansieux from the Vaseux Bird Observatory will be speaking. To register for the Manning Park Bird Blitz (one of BC's oldest bird counts) and see cool birds such as the American Three-toed Woodpecker, Spruce Grouse, Common Loon and Barrows's Goldeneye by canoe and by foot click HERE . Hope to see you there!

BC Bird #419 Crested Caracara near Bella Coola

I went on my longest twitch yet over 13 hours to go see a Crested Caracara near Bella Coola. This is the 5th record for the province. Michael Bentley had gone and got the bird first of anyone in BC and after his description of how settled the bird was I new it was worth the trip. I met up with my friend Mike Force in Cache Creek and we drove to Firvale. On the route up we saw 4 Black Bears and had some heavy rain. We stopped in Redstsone for some gas where this adorable shaggy looking mastiff jumped up on me and greeted me with kisses. It was a nice welcome to that small First Nations community. I felt that the twitch would go well after that I don't know why. The dirt road begins at Anahim Lake where we saw some wild horses and had some local cooking at Donna's Place. After leaving Anahim Lake it's a long drive on dirt road to Firvale. The road that goes down to the Bella Coola is a road that is steep and curvy with no guard rail.. it ain't for the faint of heart and