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1 year since I lost my father

My dad and I whom I miss terribly. One year on since I lost him. Today would have been my mother's bday. Her name was Valerie and it is also the first year anniversary of the death of my beloved father, Arne. There is not a day that goes by where I don't think of them. Now for ever more the day of his death will be connected to her birthday, a very sad day but in a way that connection is beautiful to tie them together. My beautiful family before we lost both parents. I put flowers down at their grave to celebrate them both today. I hate that it is one year since I told him I loved him and hugged him. I miss him so very much. I miss his voice, his love and guidance and support. The ground for me feels shakier without his guidance and safety. I hate I will never see him again or talk to him again. Can't believe how quick time passes. This is why it is so important we treasure every single day to the fullest and tell those we love them. I will never forget the day he passed aw

My first trip to Argentina and Chile (Patagonia)

King Penguins in Chile - Photo: Melissa Hafting Dec 19 I've always wanted to see Penguins and the amazing birds of Patagonia in Argentina and Chile. Since I lost my dad earlier this year I didn't want to celebrate Christmas. My mom died Christmas Eve too; so I felt this Christmas would be the hardest of my life, so I decided to do a big trip to distract myself with beautiful birds. I chose to not visit Northern Argentina or Buenos Aires for 3 reasons. 1, I only had 3.5 weeks of holiday, 2, they are having the worst Dengue outbreak that has killed thousands of people and there is no vaccine. Finally, there is a lot of civil unrest there and protests and turmoil as they had just elected a right-wing president who had divided people when the country was in a terrible financial collapse. The protests are still continuing in Buenos Aires with massive strikes to this day. I flew via Houston on United. The plane was delayed in Vancouver for a whole host of reasons. Causing me to miss