Is this the coolest scope on earth? It's always best to look at nature through both eyes.

Swarovski the manufacturers of the leading scopes on the market has come out with a revolutionary scope that allows you to look at birds through both eyes. You can read about the specs at swarovski's website HERE. This scope in the 65mm objective with binocular eyepiece is selling for 3718$US and you can buy it HERE when it's back in stock.

Before this, scopes required the observer to look through one eye only, squinting with the other. With this new scope you can look at birds as if you are using top notch binoculars but allowing for closer views through magnification and great glass that is fog, water and weather resistant. For people who already have an ATX or STX Swarovski scope they can buy the binocular eyepiece module to add to their scope but it comes at a heavy price tag of 3300$ Cad. You can purchase that and read more on the eyepiece module HERE.

You can read an excellent review of this scope with the pros and cons from another great blog "10000 Birds" HERE.

You can also watch a video of this scope HERE.

When you replace the ATX or STX with the BTX you remove the ability to zoom the scope. Depending on which BTX scope you buy you will get 30x (with 65 and 85 mm objective) or 35x magnification (with the 95mm objective). However, you can by the ME 1.7mm extender that mounts between the objective and BTX eyepiece module that will increase your magnification to either 50x or 60x magnification depending on which objective scope you have. If you really want zoom if you put the extender between the ATX or STX eyepiece and the 95mm objective lens your magnification will be 50-120x which allows for 120 power zoom. You can't beat that long range viewing.

The ME 1.7mm Extender runs for 369$ US and can be purchased HERE

All in all, this revolutionary scope is amazing and will prevent eye strain and headaches and will let you see the birds clearer and easier for much longer periods of time in the field. However, it comes with a mighty hefty price tag. You just need to decide if it's worth it. For what it's worth, some people are saying it's the clearest piece of glass on the planet.

It's definitely a scope I know I would love and should save up for but for now it's out of my price range.

Photo: London Camera Exchange


  1. Hi Mel, That looks like something I would like. Unfortunately the price is out of my range. I don't have a scope now, but did own swarovskis top of the line at one point. I had a 20-60x eye piece and found I was using the 20x almost exclusively. That got me thinking that a high power pair of binoculars such as Vortex kabob 15x56 mounted to a tripod might just replace a scope. Benefits would be much cheaper, lighter to carry and more versatile. Cons-not as clear. I have tried mounting my 8x bins on a tripod the clarity improves measurably when hand held vibration is eliminated. Someday I may just spring for a pair of 15x bins. Thanks for the article.

    1. I hear you Len i am in the same boat and agree with your points. Maybe we will both win the lottery ;). Have a great day my friend.


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