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8 Days of Rarities in Arizona!

Ilya and I went down for eight days to Southeastern Arizona, it was one rarity and fun-filled trip. Day 1, we went to Encanto Park and picked up the Rosy-faced Lovebirds and then went to Tonopah, where we found multiple nesting Black-tailed Gnatcatchers, some Brewer's Sparrows, Verdins, a Horned Lark and one very accommodating Bendire's Thrasher with 2 Crissal Thrashers. There was unfortunately no sign of a Le Conte's Thrasher. This is usually the best spot in the state for this species. Bendire's Thrasher in Tonopah - Photo: Melissa Hafting Horned Lark in Tonopah - Photo: Melissa Hafting Male Black-tailed Gnatcatcher in Tonopah - Photos: Melissa Hafting Crissal Thrasher in Tonopah - Photo: Melissa Hafting On Day 2 we went to Mt Lemmon where we went to Rose Canyon Lake and had Virginia's, Olive, Grace's, Red-faced    Warblers and Plumbeous Vireos... just to name a few!. Grace's Warbler at Rose Lake o