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A getaway to Manning Park

We got out of the city and went to Manning Park on the weekend. It is always so peaceful and one of my fave places to bird at any time of year.  The weather was rainy in Vancouver but at Manning it was sunny and no snow. The road to Cascade Lookout was still sadly closed. It is a great road for grouse and Clark's Nutcrackers but it is always closed by this time of year. We started out at Strawberry Flats as soon as we got out of our car we were greeted by 5 Canada Jays. I bought peanuts for them and had fun feeding them. I am always amazed by how many nuts these jays can cram into their bills. One for instance crammed in 11 at once!! Canada Jays in Manning Park - Photos: Melissa Hafting After photographing the Jays we heard a Hairy Woodpecker calling. We tracked the bird down and saw it was a nice male. We heard more tapping from the same tree and down below was a male American Three-toed Woodpecker! They are one of the main targets on any Manning Park visit.   Male American Three-

Come To Newfoundland With Me! (SOLD OUT)

**UPDATE: This trip is now SOLD OUT** I am co-leading a tour with Ilya to Newfoundland with Avocet Tours June 11-17th, 2022. You can read the full details of the itinerary, the cost and what birds we will see. Plus you can learn how to sign up HERE The trip is almost full and I hope to have you join us for an awesome time in one of the most beautiful spots in Canada! Seeing the seabird colonies of Atlantic Puffins, Razorbills, Black Guillemots, Thick-billed Murres and Gannets is not to be missed! We will also see eastern warblers, forest songbirds and great land mammals (like Caribou, Moose and Fox) and of course whales too. You can email me at bcbirdergirl(at)gmail( or Chris Charlesworth at c_charlesworth23(at)hotmail(dot)com  with any questions. We should see many Magnolia Warblers in Newfoundland - Photo: Ilya Povalyaev Willow Ptarmigans will be one of the birds to delight us in NFLD - Photo: Ilya Povalyaev Blackpoll Warblers will be numerous in NFLD - Photo: Ilya Povalyaev

2021 Tree Swallow Nest box Project Report For The City of Richmond

You may remember I posted about the Tree Swallow Nest Box Project in the City of Richmond. You can read about it HERE and HERE . Well we drafted up a final report for the City. This was the first year for this program and it was a success, despite losing some broods to the unprecedented heat wave this summer. The city has already granted approval for the program to continue next year. We are just waiting now to see if they will approve the expansion and provide funding to add more nest boxes to other parks. We are also hoping to hear they will approve the installation of Blue-listed Purple Martin nest boxes near Garry Point Park. Purple Martin boxes require more logistics so that decision may take some more time, as it requires more funds and resources. Update: City Councillors have got back to me and said they are very eager to help initiate the Purple Martin Box project and are discussing it now with the director of Parks Services. If you like to read our report clearly in full clic