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Young Birder Christmas Bird Count by boat and a bonus PINYON JAY!

We had a great Young Birders CBC yesterday. This year BC Nature and Birds Canada (in particular would like to thank Yousif Attia who helped incorporate our count with the Ladner CBC) generously sponsored us to go on a boat by White Rock Sea Tours and survey the birds from water. They covered the cost for all the youth and me! Thank you so much for doing this! The young birders were thrilled and excited. We met up at Crescent Beach Marina and dressed up in our fashionable survival suits and headed out on the water just after 8:30 am. Thanks to the captain and crew who were so kind to the youth and I and provided us with the most comfy zodiacs I have ever ridden on! Young Birders before boarding the boat in Surrey, BC - Photo: Melissa Hafting Rosie Yeon caught me explaining the safety briefing and plan to the youth before the count! Young Birders in the boat heading out near Blackie Spit Park in Surrey - Photo: Melissa Hafting As we headed out on the water past Blackie Spit, the youth t