Today the Federal Government of Canada announced they will not be accepting the Gray Jay as our National Bird.

I am so sad about this! I thought it was a perfect choice. This is just ridiculous bureaucracy in my opinion. The Government of Canada said through the Heritage Minister "At this time, the government of Canada is not actively considering proposals to adopt a bird as a national symbol."

Who wouldn't want this cute, friendly bird representing us friendly Canadians?

Gray Jay being a Gray Jay - Photo: Melissa Hafting

It will remain the National bird in my heart. Hopefully, one day soon we do get a National bird , the US has the Bald Eagle, we should have one too. Canada is deserving of one! You can see the list of all the countries that have national birds here. I can bet if we ever do, it will be the handsome Common Loon, that is found worldwide, unlike the solely North American Gray Jay.

You can read the full story at CBC News HERE


  1. i was never fond of the federal government...


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