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4 BC Young Birders are featured by Birds Canada!. Please also help birds by signing a petition to stop the Herring Roe Fishery.

BC Young Birders Bridget Spencer, Liam Singh, Joshua Brown and Liron Gertsman were featured  by Birds Canada in the latest issue of British Columbia Coast Birdwatch newsletter . These young naturalists just make me so proud. You can read about these amazing young citizen scientists below: Also  MP Gord John's petition for a moratorium on the Herring Roe Fishery is open for signatures. If you would like to sign it you have until March 12, 2020. Link to sign HERE This fishery affects not only fish such as salmon but birds and other marine mammals as Herring are an essential part of the marine food web. The petition also asks for First Nations rights to be recognized. In order to complete the process of adding a signature to any Federal Petition, you have to wait for, and click on the email confirmation they send back. This confirmation often ends up in one's junk box. Melissa Hafting

Young birder Liron and I are featured in the new ABA Magazine!

Liron Gerstman and I were featured in the new issue of the ABA's December 2019 Birding Magazine. As more and more birders are picking up cameras I was really happy to see bird photography featured so prominently in the latest issue. It adds a whole other level to the birding experience and helps to create lasting memories one can look back fondly on. Bird photography can also do wonders to help promote bird conservation. Liron Gertsman talks about how he uses it to bring awareness over conservation plights. A picture really can tell a thousand words and no better way to get people feeling engaged about something than to see it; reading about it just doesn't do the trick. Anyways there has been sometimes a divide between birders and photographers and it is nice to see bird photographers given respect and acceptance. Bird photography is not going away and it is nice when we can promote ethical photography and help bridge the gap between the old and the new. H

Watch this video by Alice Sun about our Christmas Bird Count for Youth

Alice Sun made a great video of the Christmas Bird Count for Youth that I led on Dec 29, 2019. She helped me as an adult volunteer on the day. Alice is a professional photographer and made a great video where she discusses what birding means to her. She is a graduate of my BC Young Birder Program. This is really a beautiful video and work of art. You can watch it below: What Birding Means to Me from Alice Sun on Vimeo .