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I lost my mom and my heart is truly broken

It has been hard. It has been really hard to find the right words. I don't think I have found them but I had to write about my pain, grief and loss. My mom Valerie was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer, 3 years ago. She found the lump herself, despite regular mammograms. Sadly things didn't go as we had hoped and in 2020 she was diagnosed with stage 4 or metastatic breast cancer. It progressed quicker than any of us would have guessed. First they thought it was cured after surgery and radiation. Then it came back in another organ (the liver)... then we tried chemo... then it went to her bones... then we got a trial drug... that would have cost way too much money than we could ever afford but the oncologist at BC Cancer went to bat for her with Pfizer and got it at no cost to us. However, that damn-well failed as well and it continued to spread and grow in her organs, especially the liver. Then we tried IV Chemo... IV Chemo is so rough. IV Chemo is so much to endure. She trie


We went to twitch the Red-shouldered Hawk in Agassiz that Susan Fennellow found the night before. We only had 2 sight records in BC. However, we did not have a photographic record which is required by the BC Bird Records Committee for a new species to be added to their list of birds seen in BC. This was a long overdue official record for the province. When I left home at 6:15 am the rain was pounding but when we reached Agassiz the sun came out even though it was bitterly cold. It was nice to meet up with many friends and twitchers including those friends I have not seen in a while like Murray Brown, Brian Stech (thank you dear Brian for the delicious Salmon!), Dale Jensen, Aaron Gaffney, Dave Beeke, Ed Klassen, Ken Willis, Bill Beadle, Krissi Martin, John Gordon, John Vooys and many more.  We arrived at 8:30 am and it took many hours of waiting and birding in place or driving around the nearby fields and roads looking for the hawk which we did too. The birding all around the area was

Sad news for Snowy Owls ...

Read what is happening to breeding Snowy Owls up in  Utqiaġvik , ( Barrow) AK. It is sad indeed. Climate Change and more is affecting them. The breeding birds in Canada are also declining. This new article came out Dec 7, 2021 from Hakai Magazine and you can read it HERE Just another reason why Snowy Owls should not be bothered, pressurized by crowding and noise or flushed when they are so vulnerable. Photo: Michio Hoshino

City of Richmond approves my Purple Martin nest box project !

After a long wait with time taken to write up reports and requests to City Council in the summer and with support from Councillor Carol Day the city of Richmond along with the parks department has approved my proposal of building Purple Martin boxes at Garry Point Park ! I was so excited when I got the news I went out to celebrate. This project is considerably more expensive for the city because we must use boats to install the boxes on pilings in the water and the boxes must be made more weather proof as they will be in more harsher salt water conditions. We are going to add predator baffles and wire to prevent gulls from perching on them. The city has been wonderful about working with me to achieve the perfect design that will help bring the best chance of success to the new colony. I took several trips to the park to figure out which posts would be the best for the colony. I chose this park because the slough they will be in is calm with low boat noise/traffic and especially very l