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Since I was going down to do some Washington birding (including to twitch the Caracara), I figured I would extend my time down there to see as much as possible in two days. It's a fantastic state to bird in with so many great birds that we don't regularly get in BC with their varied climates. Here is some of the highlights I was able to see in two days: Two loggerhead shrikes (one in Gingko State Park and one in Odessa) Two Ferruginous hawks (who recently had 3 nestlings in Odessa). Common Poorwills (Yakima) Townsend's Solitaires and Red Crossbills (Cascade Mtns) Lazuli Buntings, Pewees and House Wrens (Potholes State Park) Northern-Rough winged swallow colony and bank swallow colony (in Othello) Two Burrowing Owls (in Othello) Says Phoebe's and Magpies everywhere in Central and Eastern WA Western Kingbirds everywhere TRI-COLORED BLACKBIRDS (we were thrilled to get 3 at McCain pond's near Othello!) American White Pelican (1 at McCain pon

Young Birder's Trip to Manning Park

The Manning Park Youth Birding Trip with ten kids went off without a hitch today ! We had gorgeous weather. We dipped on seeing any grouse but that was probably because I was driving a military tank transporting the kids ;) which scared any possible bird away! All in all we did pretty well and even saw a bear and missed a cow moose and two calves by ten mins! The Colombian ground squirrels and 11 Barrow's Goldeneye ducklings seem to made up for it though. Our "highlights" from today were: Nashville warbler (Rare for the park!) American Three-toed woodpeckers (male in close range!) (3) Pacific wren Sooty grouse (heard only) Gray Jays Raven Clark's Nutcrackers Townsend's warblers Rufous Hummers Swainson's thrushes Evening Grosbeaks Eastern Kingbird Mtn chickadees Hermit thrushes Red-naped sapsuckers(4) Red-breasted sapsucker Black swift (2) Dark eyed junco Barn swallows Spotted Sandpipers Belted Kingfisher Pileated woodpeck

Common Loon chicks!

So I went out on a boat today at Lac Le Jeune and I came away with a very special experience! It was a day I will never forget. The loons were feeding their babies dragonfly nymphs. We saw 8 loons and 8 babies! Two loons were riding with 2 babies on their backs! It was completely adorable!  The loons were also calling their mystical/haunting call and hearing it so up close and personal was a really moving experience! We are so blessed to share a planet with these beautiful birds! Here are some photos I would like to share from today: Common Loons at Lac Le Jeune with chicks - Photos: Melissa Hafting