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Year 2 Of My Tree Swallow Nest Box Project With The City Of Richmond

Male Tree Swallow stands on guard near his nest box in Richmond - Photo: Melissa Hafting This weekend we did our first nest box checks of the season. The pilot project I started last year is now in its second year. We started at Terra Nova Park. Here we checked 19 boxes and most of them were occupied with Tree Swallows. We had 1 nest with Black-capped Chickadee eggs. This was also a box used by Chickadees last year.      Inside a Tree Swallow Box at Terra Nova - Photo: Melissa Hafting Black-capped Chickadee moss nest with 4 eggs at Terra Nova Park - Photo: Melissa H. In one of the boxes I had a wasp nest. I am not allergic to wasps so we just dealt with it ourselves. Since the female in that box was on eggs we didn't want to leave the wasps in there building a nest. Tree Swallows will sit on nests and be pecked to death by House Sparrows so we figured she would also sit there and be stung to death If the nestlings ever hatched they also could be killed by wasps. We are very carefu

My First Mother's Day Without My Mother

This is my first Mother’s Day without my mom. I am still deeply affected and afflicted with emotional pain. I took the day off from the RBA to just remember her and honour her. My dad, sister and I visited her grave with a bouquet of flowers. I cried a lot but it gives me a bit of comfort that she now has a head stone that I can touch. I didn't want to leave. I can’t believe it’s been just over 4 months since I lost her. To my Mom: Mom you were so great. You were so loved. I miss you so much today. I wish every day that you were here with Meghan, Dad and I.  I will never be truly happy again until I see you once more. Thank you for being such a wonderful mother. I will never ever forget you. I cannot wait to see you again in Heaven. Since you died in my arms, this is one of the hardest days I have been through without you. Normally I would be taking you out for brunch today, hugging you and telling you how much I loved you. Mom, you watched me take my first breath and I unfortunate

Check out my interview on Intersectional Environmentalism and Join me for a BIPOC Birding Walk

I recently did an interview with Alive Magazine about intersectional environmentalism. Recently there was a vile racially motivated attack on a couple of Asian birders at a popular birding site - Iona Regional Park in Richmond. Two birders got racial slurs, swear words and a coffee cup thrown at them by a white woman. This is just one of the many barriers BIPOC birders can face while birding or hiking outdoors. So I feel this topic is a very important one for this time. You can read the interview HERE At 9am on May 14, I am leading a bird walk for BIPOC adult Birders at Reifel. I am partnering with the organization Colour The Trails . If you are BIPOC and want to sign up please click HERE

The BC Gov’t Wants To Further Restrict the use of Rodenticides in BC! Public Comments Needed!

The BC Gov’t just released detailed proposed changes to further restrict the use of second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGARs) in the province. These changes will address risks to wildlife from the use of (SGARs) and will try to minimize the unnecessary use of SGARs to reduce accidental exposure to wildlife.  You can read the detailed proposed changes HERE   You can submit comments online, by email or mail about these proposed changes and watch live webinars at 9am on May 10  and at 2 pm on May 12 on the proposals HERE This a great step in the right direction to help better protect raptors and wildlife in BC! *Also an aside note - the city of Richmond has made their temporary 1 year rodenticide ban now permanent! The vote passed in council this year. This ban is only on city-owned property that is why these proposed BC wide changes will be vital!* The Fur-Bearers put out a news release today HERE about this with helpful tips on how best to address the government when you su