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A special encounter with a Pileated Woodpecker

I had a really special encounter with a Pileated Woodpecker in Musqueam Park this weekend. It was special because she let me approach on my belly and continued to feed unperplexed. It was worth all the scratches and cuts just to get this shot. They are one of my fave woodpeckers on the planet. They are stunning to look at with their large size, red crests and that call that resonates right through you. It was a real privilege to have this interaction with this pretty lady, as I have never got a decent shot of one until now. Female Pileated Woodpecker in Vancouver - Photo: Melissa Hafting I have been really enjoying the spring migration. It is nice during this pandemic that we can still enjoy our hobby. I have been going every day to my local patches and been so happy to see the first Wilson's Warblers and Hammond's Flycatchers of the year etc.  A Yellow-rumped Warbler taken this spring in Richmond, BC - Photo: Melissa Hafting Recently Ilya and I found a Red

BC Young Birders and I featured in New Bird Book

Ann Eriksson (biologist and conservationist) wrote a new book called Bird's Eye-View: Keeping Wild Birds in Flight. It is a book that is geared to young birders and features several. 2 of our BC Young Birders were featured in the book including Katya Kondratyuk and Adam Dhalla.  This book comes out on May 12, 2020 but the publisher sent me an advance copy today. This book is very special because it examines why wild birds are important and why they need to be conserved. It also shows what young birders all over the world are doing to protect them. It is inspiring to see what these young people are doing globally.   They asked me to submit a little write up about Katya and a photo I took of her up on Mt Illal where we saw White-tailed Ptarmigan on one of our young birder trips. Front cover of the book "Bird's-Eye View" by Ann Eriksson My photo of Katya and a small blurb I wrote is featured in the book. Young birder Katya Kondratyuk's photo of

Please sign Nature Canada's petition to save the Fraser River Delta!

I recently did a blog post that showed that   A federal review panel just concluded that the proposed expansion of a shipping terminal at Roberts Bank would have significant adverse effects on the many species that depend on the Delta. In particular species like Western Sandpipers and Barn Owls will be affected. Please sign the new petition by Nature Canada to protect the Fraser River Delta and to say NO to the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Expansion Project. You can read more about this petition and sign it HERE Western Sandpipers will be greatly affected by the proposed expansion - Photo: Melissa Hafting

BC Young Birder Alice writes about women photographers who inspire her for Women's History month

March was women's history month and BC Young Birder Alice Sun has written an article called " Women in nature photography: A brief history " that was featured on the website . The website Girls Who Click empowers teen girls to enter the male-dominated field of nature photography and use their work to further conservation efforts around the world. They promote not just the taking of pretty pictures but pictures that make a difference. They also offer free nature photography workshops for young women.   They also offer internships and  Alice is now doing an internship with them as a Blog Writer and Coordinator!. Congrats Alice! Since I first met you at the young birder program I always knew you were a bright star and I am glad your work is getting noticed now worldwide. Check out her well written article  HERE and learn about some inspiring women that helped pave the way for women in nature photography. Alice Sun - nature conservation photogra