Beware of bug glue traps that are killing birds!

Thanks to Guy Monty for sharing this article today that was featured on CBC News. Unfortunately wasp and bug glue traps that are being sold all over North America are trapping and killing birds at an alarming rate. This lady who put it up in Ontario who is featured in the article had 7 adorable chickadees stuck to it. They tried to rip the birds off but could not and all 7 died a painful and stressful death. Please do not put up these traps in your yard. Kudos to Loblaws for making a proactive decision and removing them from their shelves. Let's hope this company "Trapstick" goes out of business or at least rebuilds the product so that birds can't get stuck. Perhaps they could put fine metal bars around it so only bugs can get in and not birds. Until such a thing happens I hope the product is recalled and removed from all store shelves.

To read the full CBC arcticle please click HERE


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