The Gray Jay is no longer....

It is now called the "Canada Jay"

Do you like the English name change? do you care one way or another?

Read about it HERE and HERE

The original name of this bird was never the Canada Jay but (Wìsakedjàk in Algonquin, Wīhsakecāhkw in Cree and Wiisagejaak in Oji-cree).

That's why sometimes you hear people call it by the anglicized name form: "Whisky Jack."

- Photos above of the 2 Canada Jays by Melissa Hafting*


  1. What top notch images to celebrate the Canada Jay recognition. Personally I was always fond of whiskey jack as a name and now that I know the derivation I kind of like it even more.

    1. totally agree.... the first nations in canada have been far too long disrespected. the least we could do is make clear that the name wasn't originally called "canada jay" but "whisky jack"


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