A magical moment with a Red-throated Loon

I had an incredible magic moment today when a Red-throated Loon swam up to me while I lay on a dock. It's never happened before to me.... even in Nome, AK I never got this close to this species. Wonder if it was the perfume I was wearing? ;). He was so close I had no choice but to take a portrait...but you can't really complain when you are in that situation. These loons are so beautiful and elegant. I felt sorry for him since he didn't have a mate and was calling his beautiful haunting call. He should be up north by now nesting I hope he finds what he seeks.

Red-throated Loon almost too close for comfort! - Photo: Melissa Hafting

He backed off finally and I was able to get him doing a brief shake then he swam right back to me. I'll never forget this special day.

Red-throated Loon in BC - Photo: Melissa Hafting

A magic moment shared with a Red-throated Loon - Photos: Melissa Hafting

I made a video of the Loon as well which you can watch below:

You can see how close he was to me:

Unbelievable moment.

Days like this don't happen everyday and I'll treasure this one forever to come. Thanks to my friends Chris and Heather for giving me this I really needed the pick me up. Sometime animals come into our lives for a reason and this loon certainly brightened up mine.


  1. Wow amazing photos and experience! Never seen a RTLO yet...

  2. Congrats on these stunning photos of a beautiful bird!

  3. What a marvelous experience - WOW You are really showing off the beauty of the loon with those pix.

  4. Wow!!! Absolutely magnificent portrait! What an amazing experience! wonder why it is so relaxed?

  5. this is really outrageous mel. how lucky you were to experience this guess the loon knows how special you are which we all knew already :). thank you for sharing these incredible photos with us i am floored by how close you got to this magnetic creature.

  6. Thank you all so much for the very kind words, much appreciated!


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