Birds in the news and a new comic

I thought this was funny:

Birds in the News

The city of Vancouver has a new bird banner

Vancouver's new bird banner for the Granville St. Bridge

Even tropical birds won't be able to cope with global warming

Rats are now eradicated from South Georgia Island

Trump has wrecked the Migratory Bird Act

"Canuck" the crow is all grown up and has babies in Vancouver

Birds are going to be shifting their breeding grounds dramatically northward due to climate change

This is why it's so important to save the Kirkland's Warbler

A new Bird of Paradise species is discovered

After the Hurricane Irma resilient Flamingos are flocking back to the Caribbean

Every year we get closer and closer to losing the African Penguin

Soon wind turbines may be safe for birds?

The tough condition of working at the largest bird guano island in the world

It's sadly time to call it as it is: Eskimo Curlews are Extinct

French birds are in severe decline due to pesticides

We need to save the Golden-winged Warbler

Climate change will be particularly deadly for desert birds

Panama banned plastic bags... the whole world needs to

Mice in HI could kill and eat the most famous and 67 year young Albatross alive

This 96 year old Black birder and pioneer is a true inspiration!

Birds are migrating to avoid disease

Diversity in birding and conservation is vital

We know how the last Dodo died

AB's birds are suffering due to too much ice in May yes climate change can cause extreme cold too!

WA State got rid of non-native fish farming! If only BC would do the same!

This is how birds developed beaks from teeth

The fight to save one of NZ's most endangered birds

Crested and Least Auklets need Lava

1500 bird species are going extinct because of us

People want to kill cormorants for being cormorants

Cuckoos are threatening Alaska's birds

Ospreys have made a comeback

Ospreys have made a miraculous comeback! - Photo: Melissa Hafting


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