I made it to Triangle Island once in 2014. I was on a pelagic tour there and we were one of the few boats that ever actually made it to the island from Port Hardy. Most boats turn around due to rough weather but on that April day we had sunshine and calm waters, Leach's Storm-Petrels, Cassin's and Rhino Auklets, Sooty Shearwaters, Gray Whales and Dolphins, Steller Sea Lions on the way out; until we reached our destination with the Tufted Puffins who nest on the island. We did see the Tufted Puffins but not the rarer species that nest on it like the Horned Puffins and Thick-billed Murray.

Well the CBC put out this amazing news report called "Forbidden Island" about Triangle Island. You can read all about it,why it's crucial for seabirds, the effect of climate change on seabirds there, the difficulty in getting there, what research goes on there and see the fantastic pictures HERE.

Below is a video that Liron Gertsman made from the trip I went on, that he planned and organized!


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