All forms of Grizzly Bear Hunting is Banned in BC, Effective TODAY!

Finally, this day has come I and many others have been filling out petitions for years and writing letters to the federal and provincial governments to end the hunt. First Nations, Conservation Groups, Animal and Wildlife Advocates and Scientists, like my friend Dr. John Reynolds, have been working tirelessly to get the word out and to end the hunt.

This is why citizens have to protest for change because if enough voices join together a change will happen. Finally, after Christy Clark's government and conservative liberals were unseated; the NDP government followed through and has banned all forms of grizzly bear hunting in the province. Initially, they only banned trophy hunting, which would have become effective April 1, 2018 but there was a huge public outcry from all, including from First Nations communities.

Voices were heard and the government listened and effective today Dec 18, 2017 GRIZZLY BEAR HUNTING IS ILLEGAL IN ALL FORMS. You cannot hunt them for meat, medicinal or for trophy purposes. Only the First Nations will have the legal right to kill Grizzly Bears as per their cultural rights.

You can read the full press release HERE.

The low number of Grizzly Bears now in BC have a fighting chance against extirpation. With so much pressure from climate change, development and low salmon population returns; they needed all the help they could get. Now, the only shooting these bears will endure will be the click from cameras from Eco-tourists going to see them and hopefully donating to their conservation efforts. Let's hope that now the government has ceased the hunt, they will cease increased development in their range and protect further lands for their preservation. I have seen many Grizzlies in the wild in BC and it is a life changing moment every time. I hope that everyone and future generations get to experience the same thing and this is the first step in that positive direction.

Grizzly Bear in Knight Inlet (taken with a pocket camera) - Photo: Melissa Hafting


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