Snowy Owls have been uplisted by IUCN to Vulnerable. Large Population Declines in Canada

All the more reason why this and all species of owls should be left off the public view on eBird; which attracts more people and photographers to disturb a species. Canada and the US have seen their population decline at a rate of 64%!

So if you see a Snowy Owl in a highly populated area, enjoy it to yourself and eBird it when it leaves the area or hide the checklist. Keep it off listserves too, not everyone is as ethical as you would hope them to be. I wrote a whole blog post on this recently, you can read HERE. Also, the blog "10,000 birds" wrote a good post on this as well, see that HERE.

To read more about the decline of this Vulnerable owl and why it was uplisted by the IUCN, click HERE.


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