A process to make listing Birds under SARA faster, Christmas Bird Counts and Local Bird Events, Birds in the News and more

1. I've often talked about how long it takes the federal government to uplist and protect species designated threatened and endangered by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC). See my recent post on this topic including a press release with all the species that COSEWIC recommended the government uplist HERE.

However, now you can read how this long process is affecting birds while the Federal government waits up to ten years to list birds appropriately under the Species at Risk Act (SARA). Even after the government finally lists birds to the COSEWIC recommendation it can take another 5 years for a recovery and habitat management plan to be completed. While this ridiculous bureaucracy goes on the species continues to further decline. In the link I will share you can also read that MP and bird biologist Richard Cannings put forth a private member's bill to speed up this process. He wants the federal government to make a decision on COSEWIC recommendations to uplist or not uplist a species no later than 9 months after COSEWIC presents their recommendation. I sure hope it passes. This past Nov, Catherine McKenna the Minister of Environment said the federal government would enact the proposal. Let's hope it's not just lip service. The government has decided to uplist 8 species and they took 6-9 years to uplist each species. You can read all about this HERE.

2. Bird Studies came out with a new MOTUS wildlife tracking system video. If you want to learn more about MOTUS and how it's used to conserve birds you can watch it below. To read about how endangered Red Knots in Chile will be studied with MOTUS, click HERE.

3. Christmas Bird Counts are right around the corner. I'm leading a Christmas Bird Count for Kids this Sat Dec 16th in Delta. For any kids 12-18 who want to sign up and join us click HERE.
For a full list of Christmas Bird Counts happening in BC and the Yukon, click HERE. I'm taking part in the Vancouver Count this year at Iona come out and join us Dec 17th if you are able!
There is also a Christmas Bird Count Photo Contest run by Bird Studies Canada if you want to enter all info HERE

4. Early bird tickets for the Ucluelet Pelagic that runs with Edmonton Nature Club are almost sold out. You can buy those tickets for 250$ HERE. If you would like a cheaper (140-150$ US) and fantastically lead (lead by Seabird Experts) option with a big chance of rarities, you can go with Westport Seabirds in Westport, WA. They depart in Feb and run all year. To book with them and get their schedule and more info Click HERE.

5. You can read a new research paper about the effects of environmental and ecological changes at arctic breeding grounds and their effects on the survival rates of adult shorebirds HERE.

6. We FINALLY have a release date for the much anticipated 7 part documentary tv show called BLUE PLANET II with Sir David Attenborough! It will be released in Canada on BBC EARTH Network at 9pm Pacific on January 20th! I cannot wait!! Watch a cool clip of it below:

7. If you want a heated Hummingbird feeder so you don't have to bring it in every night and if you don't want to make your own you can buy this one for 50$ at Wild Birds Unlimited. Read about it HERE

8. Barred Owls are dying from car crashes and Rat Poison all over the city if it's happening to the Barred Owls it's also happening to the basically endangered Barn Owls and other owls in the lower mainland as well. Find other ways to remove rats. Glue traps are inhumane and Snap traps can't be left outside as it can kill birds and skunks but snap traps in attics where rats tend to go are the best way. Humans removal and release sadly only puts the problem onto someone else. We really have to stop using rat poison it's a slow and cruel death to the rat and the bird that ingests them. You can read more on this HERE


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