Bird # 263

Today Tom Plath called me to let me know his wife Linda Koch found a Blue Jay at Woodward's Landing in Richmond. It is a Girl Guides Camp located at Horseshoe Slough on Dyke Rd near #5 Rd in Richmond. I actually used to camp there as a child. This is the exact same spot that Tom Plath found a Blue Jay, 12 years ago!

The bird was right behind George, the caretaker's home and he was so bemused by us there. He was a really nice guy and even threw out peanuts for the Blue Jay and the Steller's Jays to come in and feed. He wanted me to send him a photo of the bird when I got home, which I did. This photo was taken through a chain link fence. Even though that is his private home, he is very welcoming to any birders who want to come see it.

Blue Jay in Richmond - Photo: Melissa Hafting

The Blue Jay would take a peanut and then dash off as fast as he could (usually before I could get my camera up to my eye). There was at least 12 Steller's Jays with it; who would just stay put and pose so nicely, unlike this guy. There was also a Mourning Dove there, which is uncommon for the area.

I love Blue Jays so much, they are such striking birds! This is a true rarity for Vancouver. I wish we saw more of them down here! The last time I saw one in BC was in Cranbrook when I was up to see the Northern Cardinal (who is still around!).

This Blue Jay was a new Vancouver bird for me and a new Metro Vancouver Year Bird. The Blue Jay brings my total to 263 birds seen this year. Even I can't believe, what a good year we have had for birds in Vancouver. My friend Quentin who saw the bird is at 258 and Roger is at 260. It would be great if I could hit 265 just for the fun of it, 8 more days to go!


  1. If this rarity streak continues, I think 265 is definitely possible! And if anyone would reach that mark, it would be you. Super shot of the jay, and I hope it sticks around!

    1. Thanks B! Please find me some rarities in your local patch ;)! haha merry christmas sweetheart to you and ginny.


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