Ilya and I hiked up Mount Washington and finally got to see Vancouver Island Marmots. It was a toughish hike but worth it. It was mostly tough due to the baking heat.

Taken on Mount Washington. This is the most endangered mammal in Canada! They are endemic to Vancouver Island.

In 2003 there were only 23 of them left in the wild. Today through successful conservation efforts there are 200. This is still a critically endangered animal and all must be done possible to protect it. I have wanted to see one forever, so was so happy to get the chance. I ended up seeing 2 yesterday. They will be hibernating very soon.

You can help them out by donating here

Vancouver Island Marmot (ear-tagged) - Photo: Melissa Hafting


  1. Great pictures of the marmot! Lucky you were able to see two of these rare mammals! Congrats!

    1. T|hanks meghan it was really special always wanted to see them since i was little they are definitely my fave marmots with their unique chocolate brown colour.

  2. Great shots of these beautiful marmots!! Glad you got to see them finally!

  3. again mel your photography blows me away and these vancouver island marmots are the ones i have always wanted to see as well. i can live through you for now! what a fantastic animal you are right we really can't lose them i just donated. thanks


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