The BC Bird Records Committee's Database is finally here and buy some "Birds of Canada" Stamps!

The BC Bird Records Committee has finally made a database available to all who are interested in it. This is a much overdue thing that was needed as it was really hard to look up records before this. You would have to look at multiple sources and you didnt know which records were accepted or not. My friend, Michael Force worked especially hard on this so thank you Mike! Right now it is just a draft so you won't see the name of the observer/finder of the accepted records but that will come in the final version. Having the name of the observer is essential in my opinion so I'm glad that feature will be added. The database will take many years to be fully complete and accurate as there are so few records they have actually reviewed on so the number of accepted records right now are much fewer than the actual amount of accurate records.

You can access the draft database HERE

The BC Bird Records Committee consists of the following men:

Guy Monty, Mike Toochin, Nathan Hentze, Chris Charlesworth, Jeremy Gatten, Peter Candido and Michael Force.

On another note, if you still send letters or mail paper bills you may want to purchase these new bird stamps from Canada Post! Click HERE to view them. I think they are beautiful and are the second in the "Birds of Canada" series (to see the previous series click HERE).

The birds in here are Osprey-the provincial bird of Nova Scotia, The Common Loon - the provincial bird of Ontario, The Blue Jay-the provincial bird of Prince Edward Island, The Great Gray Owl - the provincial bird of Manitoba and the Gyrfalcon the bird of the Northwest Territories.

The illustrator Keith Martin immersed himself in photos and videos to understand the mechanics of each in flight. With support from avian expert David Gray, he incorporated the complexities of each bird’s markings, through a number of iterations.

Keith Martin said:

“I was struck by the similarities between the three large birds of prey: the great gray owl, the gyrfalcon and the osprey." “I was fascinated by the subtleties in their wing feather patterns. Their nuances make each bird unique and beautiful.”

Birds of Canada Stamps - Photo: Melissa Hafting


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