Birds in the News

1. This story hits me hard because I just saw these critically endangered birds in April. Hurricane Harvey has basically wiped out the Attwater's Prairie Chicken in Texas with only 5 wild birds left.

2. How sad! Hurricane Irma wiped out 44 nests of the endangered Snail Kite in Florida.

3. In France, the Ortolan Bunting may soon be off the menu FINALLY!

4. Plastic is killing all animals not just those in the sea! Ospreys are now afflicted.

5. We all know birds are indicator species but did you know that they can tell us a lot about air pollution?

6. A new nest tracking app is out for biologists.

7. Youth birders are so valuable and cool.

8. Can the Hawaiian 'I'iwi ever recover even with a new federal listing?

9. The most endangered bird in North America (the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow) may soon be lost from Florida

10. This man makes incredible bird sculptures out of wood that not only help conserve these birds but allows blind people to see them through touch

11. Another great book on Grouse... I own his previous one. If you have ever seen Greater Sage-Grouse at the Lek you know how special it is to witness. This book allows everyone to experience the wonder through the pages.

12. Incredible photographs of birds eating.Look at the Sandhill Crane eating a Red-winged Blackbird!

13. Do you want to know when birds begin migrating your way? Soon you can.

14. Purple Martins in Canada are now being tracked with MOTUS.

15. Will we lose BC's Barn Owl population for good?

16. Are endangered Greater-Sage Grouse rebounding in Saskatchewan? 

17. Ruffs are not doing well due to peatland loss.

18. Young Birds and Kids are really alike.

19. Over 120 birds (songbirds and waterfowl) have died in Suncor's tailing ponds in Northern Alberta. When will it end?When will the government do something about this!

20. Canada's Prairie Birds are the worst off.

21. What one woman is doing to help save injured birds in Puerto Rico after the hurricane. She's certainly doing more than Trump ever did for Puerto Rico!

22. 21 new bird species were just discovered in the tropics!

23. Who knew Penguins love Jellyfish?

24. Birds are singing louder because we can't shut up!

25. David Attenborough says stop throwing plastic away as Birds are feeding it to their young!

26. Kiwis are evolving to not have eyes anymore.

27. "Shazam for birds" or "Song Sleuth" doesn't really work just like that other app "Merlin." The take home message is "there is no short cuts when it comes to learning bird identification."

28. Genetically modified mice may save rodent infested seabird colonies from predating mice and rats.


  1. thanks for posting these interesting news articles mel. it must be very sad for you after seeing those attwater's greater prairie chickens in texas to now know they are doomed to extinction within the year. it is disturbing to know how many species or birds and animals will be extinct due to our own doing. regarding the birds dying in the oil sands it is no surprise the oil and gas industry pretends they don't cause any harm to wildlife but hundreds of birds and mammals have died in those tailing ponds. it seems it doesn't matter which party is in federal government power. the federal government has demonstrated two things that they don't care about first nations peoples and they don't care about wildlife and their habitat.

  2. Its sad to hear about the attwatter's greater prairie chickens sadly i think they are doomed for extinction with only five birds left in the wild


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