Delta's moving forward with Bird Strategy

The Delta Naturalists' Society led by President Tom Bearss wanted the city of Delta to adopt a Bird and Biodiversity Conservation Strategy that would identify, protect and enhance the area's biodiversity and birds and thanks to them and all their hard work, this will actually happen. 

You can watch a video about how the Delta Nats brought about this bird strategy, including making some beautiful pamphlets HERE.  

 2 days ago the Delta Optimist publicized the following:

"Civic councilors approved a staff recommendation earlier this month to execute a contribution agreement with Environment and Climate Change Canada that provides $40,000 to Delta projects related to birds and biodiversity.
Delta also pledged to support the 2018 Ornithological Congress events held in the community through its social media communications and field trip logistics support."

You can read the full article in the Delta Optimist HERE 

The City of Vancouver has had a bird strategy since 2015, which you can read about HERE. The city of Richmond and Surrey both have an Ecological Network Management Strategy as well. Therefore, it's about time that Delta, with all it's important bird areas and habitat have one as well.

The number of objectives have been set out for Delta's Bird strategy, including:

Identify and protect bird habitats and areas with high biodiversity

Enhance existing habitat and identify any habitat creation opportunities

Enhance awareness and access to nature

Identify and reduce threats to urban and rural bird life and biodiversity

Promote bird-related tourism such as the international ornithological congress and to bring in an 
economic boost to the city and province

Identify partners and cultivate leadership and knowledge in birds and birding within the community

You can read the full PDF of the update for Delta's Birds and Biodiversity Conservation Strategy by the municipality of Delta HERE.

Thanks Delta Nats for all you did to protect the birds in Delta!


  1. Great news! Delta's such an important area for wildlife, so that's fantastic that steps will be taken to protect and improve it.


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