Canada's endangered species are declining faster than ever ...

Sadly the Species at Risk Act (SARA) and the Federal Government are not doing an adequate job at protecting our most endangered and vulnerable species.

Endangered species are declining at rapid rates (on average greater than 60% since the 1970's)  like Canada Warblers, Rusty Blackbirds, Cerulean Warblers, Stilt Sandpipers and Lesser Yellowlegs and that's just the beginning.

SARA doesn't enforce any laws on animals not listed as threatened or endangered. A Barn Owl in BC for instance is listed as "Special Concern" and has no extra enforceable protection under SARA. To me it just doesn't make sense especially when scientists think this population will most likely be extirpated in the next few years sadly . We can't wait until what happened with Spotted Owls in BC happens to Barn Owls for instance.

If we don't protect the animals and birds before we get to that stage it will be innefective. The withholding of protection of vulnerable species, (esp due to economic concerns, such as in valuable wild salmon stocks), lengthy delays, lack of implementation and enforcement are some of the main reasons that SARA is failing.

The Federal Government is just not listening to the scientists and recommendations made by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC).

Canada holds a large percentage of the breeding grounds for many vulnerable/threatened and endangered species and we have a high degree of responsibility to protect them and THEIR HABITAT. They won't make it without our help. Hopefully the Governent gets into shape and starts caring about losing birds and animals who will affect the whole ecosystem with their disappearance. The beauracacy of this legislation just doesn't hold up to protect the things that we really need in life.

 Please read the full unfortunate story at CBC news HERE


  1. I am sad to read this and hope changes hapoen

  2. I have been disappointed in the trudeau government i am realizing now that we were swindled he is barely different from harper. when all the birds are gone and fish in the sea maybe these governments will do an about face. Thx for sharing mel.


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