Hurricane Irma and the effects on the birds

My heart goes out to all affected by Hurricane Irma, a category 5 storm. The death toll is only expected to rise sadly. The people of the island of St. Martin/St. Maarten were especially hit hard.

You can see photos of the devastation there HERE.

HERE are some ways you can help all the people and domestic animals affected by this Hurricaine please do what you can.

But who is helping the Birds and other animals? US Fish and Wildlife said understandably they can't do anything for safety concerns to their personal until the storm completely passes. The small Carribean Island who got most battered are trying to save human lives and rebuild and can't focus on that right now. Therefore the birds and animals need our help not to mention with the huge costs of essential habitat restoration.

You can read an article about how the birds are affected in the Carribean, post Irma right now HERE

You can read an article that came out today about how birds are affected by hurricanes HERE. Cornell also put out an article on how birds are affected by hurricanes which you can read HERE. In some ways birds are more adaptable to Hurricanes and severe storms than we are but for some especially endangered populations it can be devastating.

I'm grateful for US Fish and Wildlife Plan of Action let's just hope most of the animals can survive until it's implemented.

You can see how badly the recent Hurricane Harvey affected wildlife in Texas HERE and you can read the prediction and how it will and has affected all wild animals HERE

For now you can donate to help wild animals affected by the hurricane through Birds Carribean donate HERE.

You can watch a heartbreaking video of birds affected in Cuba below:

Please help if you can.


  1. Sad Mel I feel for these poor people... I just can't imagine. I also do feel for the birds and animals thanks for reminding us about the ones that can't speak for themselves. it is interesting to read that article about how birds behave during hurricanes.

  2. thanks for posting mel i see the photos of the devastation in the carribean and florida and I can't fathom what those animals are enduring right now much less the people.


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