Updated* - Will we lose Santa Ana NWR?! Why is it so hard out there for young conservationists?!!! and we must stop the illegal Owl Trade NOW!

1) Trump wants to build a wall between Mexico and the US and they are looking to build one right through one of the best bird refuges I've ever been to! I loved Santa Ana, it is a wonderful place full of bird diversity and if the Trump administration gets their way the public will no longer be able to visit and the birds and animals therein will be detrimentally effected.

You can read the story HERE.

Hopefully, they listen to the people and care about the environmental impact on these species (including the rare Ocelot). A barrier on the levees could trap and kill the animals during floods. The birding community as a whole really needs to fight hard and protest as much as possible over this. It's a very hard battle now legally post 9/11 as it gives the gov't power to build anything even on NWR land and/or disregard endangered species.

The National Wildlife Refuge writes about how you can help on their website including how to sign a petition HERE.

2) Many young people want to do right by the environment but are finding it a difficult struggle to do so. Read this article that came out today explaining their plight HERE

I want to remind youth and my young birders to never give up despite this article and the job market. You keep working hard and fighting for what you believe in and eventually things will turn out in your favour. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something or make you give up on your dreams. Things that matter and make a difference in life never come easy, so don't forget that!

3) In Asia the illegal Owl trade is becoming a major problem, we must protest and call for a stop to this cruel industry. Owls are taken from the wild and either killed for traditional medicine or kept as pets by people who have no idea and no training on how to keep and care for an owl. They are entranced by the Snowy Owl in the Harry Potter movies and want the same thing. The birds that are captured in countries from Indonesia to India are not flown daily, not given proper food and appear miserable, sadly most die soon after. There are owl cafes also that are sad sight for sore eyes... nocturnal owls are kept out in the day all day and petted constantly....

Sign every petition you can to end this cruel practice and illegal owl trade.

You can read about it HERE


  1. what can you say mel? it's a disgrace. just like the us president. i will miss santa ana was where i got many lifers when i went there ions ago (1970's) long before you were born. it was the only place i ever saw a wild ocelot. well if they actually go through with this i am boycotting texas and the us.

  2. what can you say mel? it's vile and wrong. there are so many countries in asia where animals are not respected and given human deaths from bears to dogs and cats and marine animals to every animal you can imagine there. it is sad but without laws changing and actual jail time punishment don't expect this to change anytime soon. this is why i prefer animals over people. they would never commit such atrocities... well maybe apes.

  3. Sad, the first one is news to me, I never knew such a wonderful place existed. As for the owl trade, i am definitely petitioning that one, such greed and ignorance. The second article I relate to the most, ecology/conservation is my dream field but I have accepted that will likely not happen.

    1. Thanks a lot shou... yes you would have loved santa ana.. hopefully this gets cancelled so you can visit one day. i hear you in regards to ecology/conservation careers it really is not easy for us younger people right now.


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