Listen to my birding interviews on CBC Radio on Sept 2 and 3

I will be doing several interviews about birding this weekend. Subjects covered will be women in birding, youth in birding and themodern birding culture in Canada.

For those listeners from BC I will be doing a radio interview on CBC Radio One's program "North by Northwest" with host Sheryl Mackay on Saturday Sept 3rd it airs at 7:10am.

You can listen live online HERE

I will post a link later for those who can't listen live.

The other programs across the country are listen below check local listings on CBC Radio One's website here. Each show will also post the interviews online and/or on their respective websites a day or so after it airs.

Host: Heather Barrett
Air Time: 6-9:30am on Sat Sept 2, 2017

SASKATCHEWAN - "Saskatchewan Weekend" 
Host:  Shauna Powers 
Airs: 6-9am on Sat Sept 2, 2017
OTTAWA - "In Town and Out"  
Host: Giacomo Panico
Airs: 6am-9am on Sat Sept 2, 2017

ONTARIO - "Fresh Air"
Host: Nana aba Duncan
Airs 6am-9am on Sat Sept 2, 2017

NORTH - NWT, YUKON, NUNAVUT - "The Weekender"
Host: Alyssa Mosher
Airs: 5 am -9am on Sat Sept 2, 2017
Show Website

B.C. - "North by Northwest"  
Host: Sheryl MacKay 
Airs: 7:10 am Sat Sept 3, 2017

ALBERTA - "Daybreak Alberta"
Host: Russell Bowers  
Airs 6am-9am Sat Sept 2, 2017

QUEBEC - "All in a Weekend" 
Host: Sonali Karnick
Airs 6am-9am Sat Sept 2, 2017
MANITOBA - "Weekend Morning"   
Host: Nadia Kidwai 
Airs 6-9am on Sat Sept 2, 2017

HALIFAX PM SHOW -- "Mainstreet"       
Host Bob Murphy
Airs 3-6pm on Monday Sept 4, 2017
Show Website


  1. Congratulations, I look forward to listening to you speak. I really enjoyed your last interview on cbc


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