Updated* - A Bullock's Oriole finally comes home to BC and the detrimental effects of the fires on BC's Birds.

A female Bullock's Oriole flew all the way to Ontario 2 years ago and almost died. She was nursed back to health and soon will be flown back home to BC with her own personal escort.

Read the story HERE

The wildfire season in BC has totally got out of hand in the province and the birds are suffering, even more so than the humans.

Read about it HERE

And for all you Grizzly Bear lovers, the BC government has banned trophy hunting which will come into effect next year. I have signed so many petitions to end this hunt. Its proof that together as a community and province we have a voice. We kept hitting our head against a brick wall but eventually change happened, this is why one can never give up. It's a step in the right direction after 16 years of the liberals allowing this disgraceful hunt which was all about money. I hope one day soon the government bans all hunting of Grizzly Bears for meat. There are plenty of non-threatened/endangered animals like Deer that the meat hunters can take instead.

Read that story HERE.

Sadly the man who found this bird died yesterday before he could say goodbye. You can read about him HERE.
Watch 2 videos about the bird's return home to BC on CTV News HERE and HERE


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    1. It is just wish they would ban all hunting of Grizzlies even for meat as no other Canadian province allows it and neither should we


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