First confirmed RUFF in Saskatchewan in 52 years found by BC Birder!

Ilya Povalyaev found the second confirmed record of a RUFF in Elbow, SK on Friday August 4th. The first confirmed sighting was a bird that was collected on May 8, 1965 in Richardson.  Since then there has been 6 unconfirmed reports from the province before Ilya's well documented sighting of this adult female REEVE (Ruff). After I got the word out to local birders there, dozens went out the next morning and successfully got to see it. The bird continued as of August 5th. I wish I had seen that bird when I was living there, what a great bird for that province!

This is a mega rarity for the province of SK! Congrats Ilya for being the first to find and document a RUFF in 52 years Saskatchewan.

A stunning Reeve not seen for 52 years in SK. Taken in Elbow, SK - Photo: Ilya Povalyaev


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Mel! I was pleasantly surprised to see it and even more so to find out how rare it was. Also thanks for distributing the news and enabling many local birders to see it!


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