Updated* - Mayor of Sidney gives the famous Hawk his own Day, World Shorebirds Day is almost here and Ravens are bloody smart (as much as Apes) !

1. Steve Price, the mayor of Sidney, BC has signed an order of proclamation for the day of August 6, 2017 to be the official Bald Eagle-Hawklet Day. The Town of Sidney has received world wide attention from this famous little Red-tailed Hawk.  There will be a block party there that day sponsored by David Hancock et al. to celebrate this at Summerset Place in Roberts Bay, Sidney.

You can watch a video of the mayor declaring the official day and a nice news story on the Hawklet and fans at the block party that aired on August 6th on CTV news HERE.

2. World Shorebirds day is fast approaching on Sept 6, 2017. World Shorebirds Day is designed to raise public awareness about the importance of shorebird conservation and to celebrate these beautiful birds that provide us with amazing spectacles of migration. Most of our shorebirds are declining around the world so the more awareness we bring to their plight the better. Climate change and development are two of the major factors affecting them. Their migration stop over spots where they gather to rest and feed are essential to their survival and we seem to be losing more and more of these critical staging areas every year. This is why we have to fight to conserve these areas. A new study shows that even a tiny bit of oil on a sandpiper's wings can prevent it from flying. Off shore drilling and oil spills are another major problem migration shorebird face. You can read about the new study HERE.

Global Shorebird Counting takes place between Sept 1-7th during their fall migration and you can register to count them HERE  to help supply crucial data to scientists.

Shorebirds really need space when they are on migration because of the reasons I have said above, resting and feeding is essential for their survival. Therefore, when we want to photograph or view these wonderful birds we should be mindful as to not flush them. HERE are some awesome tips on how to photograph them ethically.

 3. We all knew Ravens are smart but this new scientific study that you can read HERE proves they are as smart as apes. You can read the National Geographic story on it HERE.

Also ever hear a Raven talk? This one speaks perfect English...


  1. Wow! So cool to hear that Raven talk!! Sounds so human!


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