A solution to sore knees and shooting skittish birds in photography

Does your knees every hurt from kneeling on rocks or your bum from sitting on them for too long? If so you are like me. There are so many birds I like to shoot like ducks or shorebirds that you need to be lying on rocks for for a nice low angle. It reminds of a very painful day on the Sunshine Coast shooting beautiful rock sandpipers and surfbirds... anyways my friend Tara told me to buy this foam pad that's waterproof and it makes a world of difference.

You can buy it at Amazon HERE

Also if you want to shoot birds and get as close as possible with them not seeing you.. you should consider using this portable blind. I used it in Alaska and you can get so much closer to your subject without distressing them and in turn get better shots. This blind is especially helpful for skittish birds like shorebirds. The cool thing about this blind is you can stand up tall with a tripod in it and move the blind as you photograph. Lots of other blinds are nailed into the ground and you sit on a chair which is the desired set up say for grouse on a Lek but for other species this portable blind is much more useful.

You can buy it at Amazon HERE

Also if you like to shoot birds in water or low down you might want to buy a helpful ground pod so you can keep your lens and camera safe while also getting down to eye level with your subjects. It's 99$ but worth it if you do a lot of belly shooting.

You can buy it HERE


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