Eight bird species went extinct this decade including the Spix's Macaw.

When will we wake up? We are fully informed and continue to let fossil fuel companies rule society and we consume consume consume. We cause massive deforestation and turn critical habitat into agricultural land. We exacerbate climate change instead of slowing it down. This is the first time that mainland species are now going extinct before island species.

8 species have went extinct this decade including the Spix's Macaw.

Here are some of them:

Spix's Macaw last seen in Brazil in 2000.

Pernambuco pygmy owl last seen in Brazil in 2001 (most likely killed off by illegal logging)

Cinnamon-colored cryptic treehunter last seen in Brazil in 2007 (killed off due to sugar plantations replacing their forest habitat)

Alagoas foliage-gleaner last seen in 2011 in Brazil (killed off due to deforestation and sugar plantations)

The Po’o-uli, or black-faced honeycreeper was last seen in Maui, Hawaii in 2004 (killed off due to invasive species, mosquitoes and climate change)

Glaucous Macaw, New Caledonian Parakeet and Javan Lapwing are also listed in the study and gone to human causes habitat degradation.

A new study came out detailing this fully which you can read HERE

To read the news article on this click HERE

What a shame and waste and we aren't far removed from it on the pacific coast. Look at what climate change is doing to many of our birds from this recent die-off example in Alaska HERE

It seems we won't appreciate these birds until they are gone and we see the planet burning on fire and us as well and by then it will be too late. All nature has value it's too bad so many don't recognize it that our life depends on their survival. Humans are driving the extinction train if it weren't for us invasive species, deforestation and human-induced climate change would not occur.  So sadly 8 species extinct this decade will seem mild in the decades to come if we continue to sit on our laurels and let things continue as is.

It's our choice and our lives are tied into the balance let's hope we make the right one.


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