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Well a lot of the news isn't too good. You probably saw the last male Northern White Rhino is gone.. no more left. They saved some of his sperm but AI in this species and surrogacy has never been done before. I sure hope it will but it's just another wake up call for us all, to stop destroying our planet. As the climate warms, we will have more and more species extinctions and extirpation. We need to think about the big picture, because it's really too late. The sad thing is that we are fully informed and have been since the 1950's about the detrimental effects of a warming climate. If we continue down this self centered greedy non-renewable source of energy path, we aren't going to like what our oceans and planet will look like. It could look truly apocalyptic. I mean today, BC biologist Luke Halpin said he found a Swordfish and Loggerhead Turtle off Vancouver Island! As the climate warms more species will extend their range north and places like the Boreal Forest and Arctic will suffer the most. So far the planet has a temperature rises 0.8 C if we continue the way we ar,e we will not only break the Paris Climate Change agreements target of no greater than a 2 degree C rise, we will be on the way to a 4degree C rise,  which will be truly catastrophic. From mass migration, to no more sea ice, Inuits will lose their way of life, Polar Bears and Walruses will disappear, who need the ice to hunt on and the walruses to pup and rest on. Narwhals will disappear, coral reefs are being bleached and dying off... if we could only look at the big picture. I commend countries like Norway and Sweden who have fully switched to green sources of energy. The other saddest thing, other than us knowing full well what we are doing to the planet and yet continue to destroy it, is that the people who contribute the least to human-induced climate change will suffer the most! For instance small islands in the Pacific will be completely lost and they have bougth land in Fiji for the mass migration that will surely occur. The poor in India and Africa will be the first to suffer many will die as they live in places so hot and so full of drought and there will be an increased amount of disease spread. All the while we live our life in North America burning fossil fuels. Even here in North America we protest but we are the 99% and it is the 1% elite and major fossil fuel companies that pay off politicians and lobbyists, so that they have people in power who block every climate change bill. It's a very frustrating uphill battle but scientists from NASA have said we can stop this temperature rise if we stop now, If we do, the world will continue to warm and then self regulate and cool. If not we are going to see countries in Europe go cold , the arctic warm up and warm up until it is a positive feedback loop we simply can't stop. There are millions of poor people in India right now who use cow dung to light on fire to cook their food. Of course they want to have the life we have in North America and since it is not their fault but mainly ours, we need to pay them and invest in them so that they can invest in renewable sources of energy, so that countries who didn't cause this problem don't have to suffer, it really is only fair. Hard to have hope sometimes about the fate of our planet and it's ecosystems and oceans therein especially when you see seabirds feeding their young and dying with stomachs full of plastic (scientists say up to 90% of seabirds do now)... but we can't give up.

Here is a video of a recent Stellar Sea Lion rescued by the Vancouver Aquarium with garbage around her neck. Treated in the wild and released at Fanny Bay... when will we learn to stop polluting our oceans with garbage?

Well back to the birds...
Second trailer is out on the movie on the Philippine Eagle which is almost extinct due to us:

Enter the 2018 Audubon Photography Contest - deadline is APRIL 9, 2018. 

Mass bird deaths in BC's Okanagan

Birds' stomachs are still filling up with plastic all over the world

A horrible man shoots 130 hawks and 10 other birds in California 

 New Study on BC'S Song Sparrows

Ancient Murrelets in Haida Gwaii are still being eaten alive by rats

David Hancock is putting radio transmitters on Vancouver's Bald Eagles 

Birds are decreasing at catastrophic rates in Europe

Birds are so smart!!!! New study reveals as smart as Humans

As the climate warms, national parks are the last safe havens for birds if Trump doesn't develop them all.  

A sad sign of the times... birds flying north too early now in Ont

King Penguins May Go Extinct because of US!

A cute Boreal Owl falls into a toilet - happy ending!

Cool new bird study in Australia - mail in your bird feathers 

Every year 1 million birds are illegally killed in Iran

Listen to FEMALE BIRDS sing

This lady in Vancouver follows the crow spectacle 

Great Blue Heron Cam in Vancouver is LIVE 

Humans are to blame for Raptor Deaths in Canada

If you live in bear area in BC please take down your bird feeders

Australia's Birds aren't sufficiently protected

House Sparrows killing bluebirds in the Okanagan 

Just as NASA scientists predict Britain will have more cold spells as climate change worsens

These birders are trying to bring awareness to climate change  

Penguin selfies!!!

This is not about birds but incredible.... the first time BC scientists ever saw a male Orca kill a calf


  1. Well the situation is sad but it is important to never lose hope and keep trying to make a positive Difference.


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