A study on Northern Pintails

I love to take portraits and explore the different textures and details of birds' faces. As in humans the face tells us so much.

We go by ducks sometimes much too quickly, here is a facial study on a Northern Pintail Drake.

Watch how the right side shines with pink iridescence and the left with green. Note the subtle differences on both sides of the bill shape.

In art and photography, a perfectly symmetrical face is boring but something a little asymmetrical is unique and beautiful. In photography we are taught to bring out the "good side" in a portrait of a person. I honestly could not decide on this drake both were beautiful and unique.

I love looking for subtle differences in beautiful birds, bringing out the fine textures and details.

I like getting portraits by getting as close as possible by being as still and usually as uncomfortable as possible but the results are worth it. This was taken on my belly as the majority of my portrait shots are.

Northern Pintail Drake portraits from both sides now - Photo: Melissa Hafting

Portrait of a Northern Pintail Hen in Delta - Photo: Melissa Hafting

I'll post a recent body shot I got of the elegant drake. I lied down in the snow and rocks for this one so it was extra uncomfortable.

An Elegant Northern Pintail Drake in Burnaby - Photo: Melissa Hafting


  1. Beautiful shots of the pintail, sometimes you miss how beautiful these birds are

  2. Beautiful Pintail photos! We definitely take our waterfowl diversity for granted, and its nice seeing photos like these to remind us of their beauty.


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