Young Birder Adam Dhalla’s New Birding Game App is out!

Young Birder Adam Dhalla’s who co-created the new Birding app game called “Find the Birds” is now out for free download on the Google Play and Apple App Stores!.

It’s a fun free game that I tested out and finished the AZ part. It’s very easy, fun and straightforward for anyone to follow and play. The game starts off in Saguaro National Park in Arizona before moving on to see Condors at the Navajo Bridge. In July a new level will be added which will be in BC.

You need a tablet or a smart phone (Apple or Android) to use it. It’s ideal for young birders as you collect birds and learn about conservation at the same time. The graphics are super cool too!

You can watch a trailer for the cool game here at the video link below:

“Find the Birds is a free-to-download, free-to-play educational mobile game for all ages about birds & conservation. It was co-created by 15-year-old Adam Dhalla. Players travel the globe searching for birds and do conservation quests to help them. The first in-game location is Arizona, USA, which includes the critically endangered California Condor. The second in-game location will be British Columbia, Canada, to be added this July.”

Apple App Store full download link is HERE you can also search for it on the Apple App Store by typing Find the Birds.

Google Play Store download link is HERE you you can also search for it on the Google Play Store by typing Find the Birds.

Check it out and download the free app!
“Find the Birds” mobile game co-created by Adam Dhalla 


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