A few cool things to check out to get your mind off the pandemic!

*Recently I posted an open question to my Instagram followers. I asked them "How has birding helped them cope through the pandemic?." I got over 100 responses and they were all so positive and beautiful. It was  cathartic, moving and heart warming to read them all. It continues to reinforce why we must protect these birds in order for our mental wellness and to secure our future as a human race. If you want to read them and have a dose of positivity, which we all need now, please click HERE

*Young Birder Adam Dhalla did a delightful  interview with CBC’s “Early Edition” about the new game “Find the Birds” he co-created. You can listen to this well-spoken young man HERE

Also see him featured in this video on Vancouver Is Awesome!

Western Meadowlark graphic designed by Adam Dhalla for the game

*If you like orcas you need to give this podcast a listen. I don't think I've ever heard a more descriptive narrator. I could visualize everything he did as he dove with these wild orcas in Norway.

*Did you know that According to Inuit legend, the first throat singers weren't Inuit or even human, but rather small birds with human-like features called Tunirtuaruit?. BBC News did a wonderful featurette on one of Canada's young and beautiful Inuit throat singers. This young woman Shina Novalinga has been doing wonders to show the world how beautiful the Inuk culture is. How connected she and her mother are to the land and animals. When they imitate birds like geese and gulls while they sing it's really wonderful. She is doing everything possible to keep this ancient and beautiful art alive. You can watch the BBC video and read the full story HERE

Shina Novalinga (Inuk throat singer) from Nunavut - Photo: BBC News

*Black-billed Gulls are one of the most endangered gulls in the world and they are making a comeback in New Zealand. Watch this video to see the unusual reason why...

*Don't forget on April 22nd David Attenborough's new series called "Life in Color" debuts on Netflix


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