The different mentalities between Birders and Photographers...

Prominent bird photographer Scott Keyes from Pennsylvania featured me in his new youtube video "Why Birders Struggle with Bird Photography." You may think this may be an offensive title but far from!. He talks about the different mindsets and approaches between birders and photographers and their intended outcomes. Since I am more of a birder than photographer I am being featured in the birder category. I feel most of what he says to be very true. It was an honour to be featured and that he admires my work!.

Thanks again to Scott, I loved this video that celebrates the strengths and weaknesses of both birders and photographers and how we both bring something unique and special to this hobby.


  1. thanks Melissa. Very interesting video. You are certainly exceptional at both.

    1. thank you so much brian. that is so very kind and means a lot to me.

  2. Great feature!! Love that you were included in this!


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